Who We Are

In 2014, I (Natalie) went in search of something unique.  I was inspired by all things with a white + gold combination, and I wanted to be able to personalize it.  After weeks of research with no luck, I set out to create the product I had in mind.  The ring dishes I came up with were entirely unique, and the response was overwhelming. 

Gift-giving is a dying art.  In a world where automated manufacturing is taking over, finding something unique at an affordable price is nearly impossible.  I created The Painted Press to ensure that gifts could still be personal, intentional, and affordable. 

Through the years working on this business, we have had many incredible opportunities.  From being featured in many major publications, to celebrity events, to every single meaningful conversation with a customer, this business has been the biggest blessing.  It has allowed me to work closely with my family, who have all played a major role in keeping the operation going, and it has provided the opportunity to meet and talk to hundreds of people I never would have had the blessing of knowing otherwise.

It is because of all our customers and their support that I have the ability to stay up late painting and call it my job.  It is because of you that this dream I didn’t even dare to dream out loud has become my reality.  You make all the difference. 



For general inquiries - contact@thepaintedpress.com

For wholesale inquiries - josh@thepaintedpress.com